Monday, February 23, 2009

Back from Berlin!

Hi Everyone,

I have been away for more than two weeks and it's good to be back! I was at the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival and the 2009 European Film Market shopping for films for another fabulous ImageOut fest. Will be posting more on that later.

I flew in last night during the Oscar Awards. For a film buff, it was painful to be in a plane sitting on the JFK tarmac while the biggest film event is going on. I managed to catch the last hour and a half of the ceremonies and it looked like a very entertaining effort from the producers this year. So it was a SLUMDOG show. I know this was expected but must the show turn the Best Song Award production into another pimping of the film? Guess I still couldn't get past how both the theme songs from THE WRESTLER and GRAN TORINO missed being nominated in this category.

So what are your Oscar thoughts?


Stefan said...

I was just wondering if there is anyone besides me who is glad that Slumdog Millionaire won best picture and that Sean Penn won best actor.

Michael G said...

Hi Stefan, I was actually worried that Mickey Rourke would beat Sean Penn. He had the momentum going in after winning the BAFTA and the Indie Spirit actor awards. I know I posted before that I loved Rourke in THE WRESTLER and would not mind him beating Penn at the Oscars. But found out last night that deep in my heart, I still want Penn to win. And great speech too.

Chris Mc. said...

I was quite happy with most of the winners this year.
I loved Slumdog and agreed it should be the overall winner, but was surprised when it took so many of the lesser awards. Along with Michael's comment about best song, they also could have have given sound mixing and film editing to
other films to spread the wealth.

radioman said...

I enjoyed the Oscar show very much this year, and appreciated their changes and attempts to make it more entertaining. Hugh Jackman was terrific, even though some of the production numbers may have been overblown and cheesy as I've heard some say. I especially liked the way the presentations were made by the veteran actors to the new acting nominees. I found, especially the female actors, to be heartfelt and touching in their words to the nominees.
I was totally happy with all the winners, especially Sean Penn, whom I thought was extremely deserving. His acceptance speech was wonderful.

Michael G said...

But radioman, I don't think you've seen THE WRESTLER yet? Hehe.

radioman said...

Tonight! Tonight! Finally!
Looking forward to it. By the way Michale...welcome back to Rochester.
Hope you've found some good films for us to enjoy this October at the ImageOut festival!

radioman said...

I saw The Wrestler last night at our wonderful Little Theater.
Certainly a powerful performance by Mickey Rourke. A humble, sad,
pitiful character brought to the screen beautifully. If I had not been so adamant about wanting Sean Penn to win this year, Mickey Rourke would have been my second choice.