Friday, October 21, 2011

WEEKEND Comes to the Little Theatre

Check out what everyone is raving about! So glad that the romantic drama WEEKEND is finally here in Rochester. New York Times loved it and I'm pretty sure you will connect to the story of two gay guys who meet and find so much more over one weekend.

We were so ready to highlight this film in our recent ImageOut lineup but the distributors changed their plans for the Rochester market. So I hope everyone can support this film when it opens at the Little tonight (Friday, Oct. 21). Here's what our Adam Lubitow wrote for the program book. (I'm glad we are finally able to publish it!)

"Extended eye contact across a crowded dance floor, a few too many refills at the bar, and a game of follow the leader into the men’s room; all familiar, telltale signs that a one-night stand is imminent. Russell has no reason to expect anything more when he wakes Saturday morning with Glen in his bed and only a hazy recollection of the previous night’s events. Ever the gracious host, he brings his new friend a cup of coffee, and soon the pair is lounging amongst the bed covers, chatting and slowly piecing together their encounter.

They appear to be complete opposites; Russell an introverted romantic, still timid about his sexuality and still closeted in some areas of his life, while Glen is vehemently against getting into a relationship and determined to let the entire world know that he sleeps with other men. Despite their differences, they each find the other appealing enough to make plans to see each other again. They get together again, and the two become fast friends. But just when it appears that they may be on the cusp of something more, Glen reveals that he’s moving to the U.S. when the weekend is out. Armed with the knowledge that their time together is limited, they do their best to make every moment count. They drink, drug, and talk their way through the weekend, making their way from pub to bedroom and back again, and in so doing, form a bond that will come to mean more to each other than either could ever have anticipated.

Like a decidedly more queer take on Before Sunrise, Weekend is an unflinchingly honest and emotional love story, raising thought-provoking questions about identity, sexuality, love, and the importance of living a life that’s open and authentic."

WARNING: This film contains some nudity, sexual situations, and heavy drug use.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Eating Out: The Open Weekend

Just as sexy, just as hilarious, and five times as gay as its predecessors, Eating Out: The Open Weekend finishes off our 19th Annual Festival with a BANG!

Writer/Director Allan Brocka, along with actors Daniel Skelton, Michael Vara, Harmony Santana, Chris Salvatore, and Aaron Milo are our Special Guests for the evening!

Program 45 begins at 9:15pm at Little Theater 1.

Hannah and the Hasbian

Has•bi•an (haz-bee-uh n) – a woman who HAS been a lesbian

Sardonic, quirky, and utterly lovable, Hannah and the Hasbian takes a light-hearted look at love, identity, sex, and relationships (not necessarily in that order) with trademark Australian wit and wisdom. Join Briegh, Hannah, and their hysterical, hyper-sexual engaged, not engaged, pregnant, not pregnant, roommate Dinka on a whirlwind trip down lesbian lovers’ lane.

Program 44 begins at 7pm in Little Theater 1.

Mary Lou

Directed by Eytan Fox (director of past ImageOut favorites The Bubble and Yossi & Jagger) and originally aired on Israeli television as a four-part mini-series, Mary Lou is highly entertaining, with glamorous drag queens, fabulous musical numbers, and plenty of drama. Ultimately, though, the message of Mary Lou may be that in order to be true to yourself, you first must find yourself.

Mary Lou is part of our Youth Project Film Series and begins at 3:30pn today at the Little Theater 1.


When Aeryn Gilleran visited his mother Kathy in Ithaca, NY in September of 2007, the trip was fairly routine: they went to Aeryn’s favorite place, the Cornell Plantations, watched movies with family, and of course stocked up on his favorite clothes from JC Penney. But there were also bigger plans on the table – Aeryn was trying to convince his mother to sell her home and move to Vienna, where he worked for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). But fate had other plans. Kathy had no way of knowing when she dropped Aeryn off at the airport on September 20 that it would be the last time she would ever see her son.

Gone begins at 1pm at Little Theater 1.

Photos of Angie

Angie’s family, friends, and allies within the transgender community speak with surprising candor and strength about the young woman whom they had come to know over time. Sadly, Angie’s story is not a singular one, as violence against transgender people is still a very real problem in the United States (and around the world). This touching documentary pays respect to a lovely young woman, and a crisis of the heart for all.

Photos of Angie is part of our Youth Project Film Series and begins at 11am at the Little Theater.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Loose Cannons- Closing Night Feature

Filled with an eccentric cast of memorably funny characters with their own distinct voices and personalities, openly-gay Ozpetek presents a light-hearted family dramedy in Loose Cannons that is guaranteed to fill the Dryden theater with chuckles and laughter, while mocking stereotypes and dishing out critiques on homophobia and old-fashioned values. Beautifully shot throughout, the film culminates in an impressive marriage of fantasy and reality showing us a glimpse of how things should be. Loose Cannons makes you appreciate family, be it the one you are born into or the one you choose to surround yourself with. And it will definitely make you fall in love with Italy.

Don't forget Viva! the closing party at Village Gate after the film.  Tickets are available for film & party, film only, and party only as well.

The Green

Featuring extraordinary performances from a cast of recognizable faces that includes Julia Ormond (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and Illeana Douglas (To Die For), The Green is an engrossing and heartbreaking drama that forces audiences to question the fragility of the lives we spend so long trying to build for ourselves.

The Green  screens at  4pm today at the Dryden Theater.

We Have To Stop Now Season 2

You loved them in season 1 (screened to a packed and enthusiastic audience at ImageOut 18), and now they are back for more fun, fighting, and couples therapy in We Have to Stop Now season 2.

This season brings new life and new adventure to the whole gang: Dyna and Kit buy (and have to put together) an “adult swing” to put some new spice into their love life, to hilarious results; Kit’s pothead sister Cindy becomes an unexpectedly salient source of wisdom, decides to start wearing pants more often, and makes a few life discoveries of her own.

An Ordinary Family

An Ordinary Family casts a simple yet profound spell. In the end, this film will remind you that family bonds are powerful and complicated, and that no family is truly ordinary.

An Ordinary Family begins at 1:30pm today at the Dryden Theater.

Actor Chad Anthony Miller will be in attendance for the screening and to take your questions.

Hit So Hard: The Life and Near-Death Story of Patty Schemel

Hit So Hard rocks just as hard as Hole ever did. Anyone who ever jumped into a mosh pit in the 90s will appreciate this powerful documentary about Patty Schemel, the out lesbian drummer of the ultimate 90s (mostly) girl grunge band.

Rock out with ImageOut at 1:30 at the Cinema Theater.

Safe Space

Dear baby gays,
Someday being yourself and being allowed to love whomever you want won’t require having to change the world first. It’s already getting better.

Safe Space (youth shorts) begins at 11:30 at the Dryden Theater. This program is part of our Youth Project Film Series and is free to all under 21.

Friday, October 14, 2011


ImageOut is excited to shine a spotlight on writer/director David Lewis (Rock Haven, Redwoods) as he tries his hand at romantic comedy and, in the process, delivers one of the funniest raunchy gay sex comedies in recent years. Complete with offensive wardrobe and eighties-inspired original songs by H.P.Mendoza (Colma: The Musical, Fruit Fly), Lewis also helms a convincing period piece. Kudos to a competent handsome cast led by Jacob Newton and Derek Villanueva who is willing to drop trousers and go full monty. What more can you ask for?

The New York State premiere of Longhorns, one of our Spotlight Features, begins at 10pm at the Cinema Theater. Director David Lewis and lead actor Derek Villanueva will be in attendance.

Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same

The Cinema is the perfect setting for the hilariously crazy Codependent Lesbian Alien Seeks Same. At 7:45 join us for a good time with a campy 50's B-movie homage/spoof complete with classic special effects and music. This ImageOut There! selection is perfect for everyone (no gore or violence in this one).

Earthling Lisa Haas (lead actor) will join us for the screening and Q&A after the film.

Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same is one of our Spotlight Features.

One Night Stand

Continuing our Queer Crescendo series is One Night Stand, a virtual Broadway reality show where the pressure and the stakes are super high.

The drama and fun of One Night Stand don’t come from just the talent, however. Writers, composers, and choreographers all feel the burn and the rush of excitement of putting together works of art that usually take years to pull off. “From blank page to the live stage, all within 24 hours” – and thank goodness for it all!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Endings (shorts)

At 9:15 in Little Theater 1 is Happy Endings, another great shorts program.

A disapproving father, a horrible nightmare, a bickering couple, a confused bridegroom, a young love triangle, and a few sketchy hookups – all the things you want in a romantic and comic collection of shorts. Just trust us on this one.

Gun Hill Road

Having won awards at festivals from coast to coast, Gun Hill road is a fantastic addition to the ImageOut lineup. Timely, poignant, and gripping, this story of one man's fight to understand and accept the family he once left behind will have everyone talking.

Actor Harmony Santana (a relative film newcomer who plays Michael/Vanessa with grace and courage befitting a seasoned screen veteran) will join us for the screening and to take your questions after the film.

Gun Hill Road begins at 6:30pm in Little Theater 1.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Anything You Want

Today's lineup comes to a dramatic close with Anything You Want at 9pm in Little Theater 1.

Anything You Want helps further the ongoing (and challenging) conversation – just what exactly constitutes an LGBT film? As much about identity and personal exploration as it is about love and sacrifice, this film will leave you anything but speechless.

Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together

Also at 6:30 is Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together in Little Theater 5. Part of our Queer Crescendo Series, this musical explores young love and just what happens when you fall in love with the one person you can't have.

Watch for Rochester native Jen LaForte as Monica, Jamie's older sister too!

Rosa Morena

Rosa Morena, the very first cinematic collaboration between Denmark and Brazil is our Narrative Centerpiece and serves as the East Coast premiere of the film.

This isn't your typical gay-baby drama. Unique plot twists, emotionally charged writing and acting, and realistic views of culture clashes and barriers make what seems like an old topic fresh and new.

Rosa Morena begins today at 6:30 in Little Theater 1.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Complicated

Sometimes there are just no words to describe peoples’ relationships. Or human desires, for that matter. These dramatic gay shorts illustrate just that.

Curated by Michael Gamilla, Shorts program "It's Complicated" begins tonight at 9:30pm at the Little Theater 1.

ImageOut of the Archives- Hedwig and the Angry Inch

What started as a performance art piece about rock-n-roll, wigs, gender non-conformity, and the Berlin Wall has, in short order, become an epic force of rock-n-roll and cinematic history. Join ImageOut in celebrating 10 years of Hedwig’s blonde bombshell fabulousness.

Part of this year's Queer Crescendo Series, Hedwig and the Angry Inch begins today at 7pm at the Dryden Theater.

Quick Licks

Day five and still going strong!

Shorts programs are always a favorite and tonight's offerings are sure to please as well. First up at 6:30 in Little Theater 1 is the 2011 "Quick Licks" shorts program featuring more than 100 minutes of entertainment with a total of 9 short films.

A lovely maiden awaiting her one true love, a charming little cafe in Paris, a transcendentalist Ferris Wheel ride, a sexy GPS voice, and a new tattoo...
What more can a girl ask for?

Special guests Christine Chew (Writer/Director), Kathleen Harquail (Producer), Jessy Leak (Producer), and Renita Fillatre (Actor) from the short film Slow Burn will be in attendance for the screening and to take your questions.

Monday, October 10, 2011

We Are The Night (Wir sind die Nacht)

At 9:30 at The Little Theater 1, ImageOut plunges into the dark depths of the hugely popular world of vampires with We Are the Night. This offering from our ImageOut There! Series offers a slick, sexy, fast-paced action thriller from Germany that just might have in its thrall by the end of the night!


6:30 at Little Theater 5 is Bashment, the latest from past festival favorite Rikki Beadle-Blair. A look at homophobia and racism in the Hip-Hop world, Bashment combines music, dancing, and difficult conversation into an entertaining and thought-provoking film.

ImageOut is proud to be hosting the East Coast premiere of this film. Bashment is also part of this year's Queer Crescendo Series.

We Were Here

Day 4 begins at 6:30 at Little Theater 1 with our documentary centerpiece We Were Here. This heartfelt and incredibly important film captures the stories and emotions of a select handful of those who are still here to tell of the struggles, fear, and losses of the early AIDS years in San Fransisco. Also part of our Youth Project Film Series, We Were Here is a must-see for every member of our communities.

Ed Wolf, one of the subjects of the film, will be in attendance for the screening and to take your questions afterward.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Queer Noir Double Feature

Sex, drugs, murder, and intrigue round out day three at the Dryden Theater with ImageOut's first Queer Noir night starting at 9:30 with Recipe for a Killing followed by Queen Bitch (one ticket gets you in for both films!). You'll be on the edge of your seat as each action-packed French thriller unfolds.

Program 20 holds two East Coast premieres and is part of this year's ImageOut There! Series.


Round out a great day 3 with August, a sexy American drama at 9:30. With superb acting from its gorgeous cast, haunting music with Middle Eastern influences, beautiful photography, and perfect camera angles, August is easily one of the best American gay dramas this year.

Actor Adrian Gonzalez will join us for the screening and your questions afterward at the Little Theater.


And the premieres just keep on coming! Hit the Dryden Theater at 6:45 today for the New York State premiere of Gigola, a sexy ride through the red light district of Paris in the 1960s. Sex, organized crime, and flashy tailored suits--who could ask for anything more on a sunny Sunday afternoon?

The Wise Kids

Religion, family, and the teenage search for truthful identity converge in The Wise Kids, part of ImageOut's 2011 Youth Project Film Series. At 6:45 today catch the feature and what is sure to be a lively Q&A with lead actor Tyler Ross at the Little Theater.

Wish Me Away

Country Music star Chely Wright's official coming out was very public and very carefully planned. The emotional struggle she experienced before hand was anything but. Longtime fans and new comers alike can see for them selves just how hard those few little words were for Chely to finally say in the award-winning documentary feature Wish Me Away, screening at 4:00 today the the Dryden Theater.

Wish Me Away is part of this year's Queer Crescendo series.


With a masterful cast, poignant writing, and an immediately identifiable plot, Romeos is taking the festival circuit by storm this year. ImageOut is happy to share the German narrative feature with our audiences at 4pm today at the Little Theater.


Also at 1:30 today at the Dryden Theater is Sedona and another New York State Premiere! Beautiful scenic views, familiar star faces, and trademark Sedona synchronicity (or is it magic?) bring a disparate group of folks floundering to find their way together to help each other on their journeys. It's the feel-good movie of the day!


At 1:30 today at the Little Theater 1, catch the New York State premiere of the slick Icelandic teen drama: Jitters. Winning awards not only in its native Iceland, but at Cannes, Philadelphia, and Toronto as well, this is one gem not to miss!

Flower City Flicks

The perennial favorite local shorts program- Flower City Flicks begins today at 11am at the Dryden theater. Join us for three great films; Poker Face, It's Just a Community Place, and Born Equal. Lively talk with the actors and filmmakers joining us live this morning will follow the screenings.


The crowd at the Dryden tonight seemed to really enjoy CIRCUMSTANCE, a beautiful and sensual drama set in Iran. Will it have a shot at winning the Audience Award this year? Only time will tell!

Going Down In La-La Land

ImageOut favorite director Casper Andreas' latest film, GOING DOWN IN LA-LA LAND blends his usual sexy romp with a somewhat darker subject matter. The film played to a nearly sold out crowd tonight at the Little. What did everyone think?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cho Dependent

The latest concert film from everyone's favorite outrageous, queer-loving, Asian-American comedian, Margaret Cho, CHO DEPENDENT is sure to bring down the house tonight at the Dryden Theatre. The film's producer, Lorene Machado will be in attendance and will being taking questions following the film.

Cho Dependent will be preceded by two shorts, paying hilarious homage to bizarro fashionista hipster, Chloë Sevigny: Chloë "Birthdays" and Chloë "Memorial Day".

Harvest (Stadt Land Fluss)

A sweet and subtle tale of first love between two apprentice farmers HARVEST will speak to anyone who's experienced a time when they were uncertain about what they truly wanted out of life (meaning all of us). The film screens this evening at 6:45 in Little 1.


A critical and audience favorite around the world (winning awards in Berlin, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Torino), Tomboy hits the Dryden Theater screen at 4pm today. The superb acting from the young stars is reason enough to come see, and the writing and gorgeous cinematography are top notch as well.

Before the feature, enjoy Loop Planes, an endearing American short film about pink hair, rollercoasters, and new feelings.

Program 7 is part of the 2011 Youth Project Film Series of ImageOut.


An emotional drama about the difficult road to recovery faced by a cyclist in the wake of a tragic accident that leaves him paralyzed, MORGAN is an inspiring tale that will have you cheering in your seat. Catch the film this afternoon at 4pm in Little 1. We're pleased to have guests Michael Akers (Writer/Director) and Sandon Berg (Writer/Producer) in attendance for a Q&A following the movie.

Leave It On The Floor

1:30 at the Dryden Theater, get your ballroom on with Leave it On the Floor. It will have your toes tappin, your heart pumpin, and your smile smiling too.

Program 5 is the first film of our Youth Program Series, so bring your friends! And if they are under 21, they'll get in for free.

My Last Round (Mi Último Round)

Unique, dramatic, tender, brutal (in the boxing-sense). Each of these words describes My Last Round to a tee. It may be sunny and warm in Rochester today, but such days will return in the near future, we promise. The dazzling array of ImageOut programs may not be around on area theater screens ever again! Join us today for a great day 2.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Tents/T'Aint Nobody's Bizness

Day 2 will be off to a great start with The Tents, a fashion forward look at the history and growth of the Bryant Park Fashion Week shows of yester-year.

Before the feature, our audience will be treated to a fascinating and entertaining look at the First Ladies of Blues in T'Aint Nobody's Bizness: Queer Blues Divas of the 1920s. Director Robert Philipson is our special guest for the screening and will take the stage for a lively Q&A after both films so stick around!

Four More Years-in just four more hours!

Continuing the opening-night festivities at 9:30 tonight is Four More Years, a political dramedy from Sweden. With our own election season right around the corner, it will be a welcome relief to see another country sweat for a bit.

There are still a few tickets left for our second program, but they will be going fast, so head on over to the Little Theater box office to get yours now!

The Night Watch

At 7:00 the first of our 45 spectacular programs begins. The Night Watch is a captivating whirl of life and love in World War II London.

The screening sold out a few days ago, but you can try your luck in the rush line outside the theater. Nice night for it!