Monday, October 10, 2011

We Were Here

Day 4 begins at 6:30 at Little Theater 1 with our documentary centerpiece We Were Here. This heartfelt and incredibly important film captures the stories and emotions of a select handful of those who are still here to tell of the struggles, fear, and losses of the early AIDS years in San Fransisco. Also part of our Youth Project Film Series, We Were Here is a must-see for every member of our communities.

Ed Wolf, one of the subjects of the film, will be in attendance for the screening and to take your questions afterward.


Erik and Jason said...

Breathtaking & transformational.

It was a an affirming thing to see such a large audience for a film like this----who were so visibly affected---and it was a rare honor to be able to participate such a thoughtful dialog following the film with Ed...someone who is clearly (until now) one of the many, many unsung heroes in our community's history.

Jim V. said...

Glad I saw it! It was on my "maybe" list this year, but the advance press convinced me to see it. I would venture to say this is probably the best documentary ever shown at ImageOut.

Stefan said...

Wow. This movie made it clear to me that this AIDS epidemic was a lot worse than I thought it was. It seems that during my growing up years a lot of it was talked about. It's unbelieveable how scary it was in its early days compared to now. 'Cause now it seems like nobody thinks it's such a big deal anymore. That's the impression I get. It's like, yeah, there's still AIDS, and it still is an epidemic, but nobody dies from it anymore so who cares? Of course I'm not saying who cares, but that is the impression I get. Seriously. To me it seems that other than organizations like AIDS Care no one talks about AIDS anymore. And someone told me it's all because of the drugs. It just seems so strange to, when I was a teen it was like, "you get AIDS, you're gonna die." Now it's like, "you get AIDS, you're gonna take medicine with lots of nasty side effects, but if you can handle 'em, you'll live to old age." Just...amazing what medicine can do. We went from "death" to "20 (or whatever) more years" in just a few decades, all because of drugs. This will never cease to amaze me.

But to shut up now, yes, a very powerful film and I'm glad it came to Rochester.

[Stefan is often a quiet fellow. That is, until the topic of conversation turns to something he is deeply interested in or passionate about. Then just try to shut him up! :) ]

Jeff Freeland said...

A wonderful, important film. I was especially impressed by the silences, during the film, which were deafening. No easy, cheap sentiment created by swelling strings. The audience was awed. I've never felt *weepy, yet powerful* during a film, or anywhere for that matter. The feeling remains this morning.