Sunday, October 9, 2011

Queer Noir Double Feature

Sex, drugs, murder, and intrigue round out day three at the Dryden Theater with ImageOut's first Queer Noir night starting at 9:30 with Recipe for a Killing followed by Queen Bitch (one ticket gets you in for both films!). You'll be on the edge of your seat as each action-packed French thriller unfolds.

Program 20 holds two East Coast premieres and is part of this year's ImageOut There! Series.


Ever self respecting trans woman and feminine identified person said...

I'm extremely disappointed with the ImageOut organization for screening "Ticked off Trannies with Knives" at Rochester Pride this year. I would have thought the person who picks the films, actually cared about the T that you all are so quick to throw onto the acronyms that you throw around. Nevermind though, a trans woman's opinion isn't valued in this society or in L, G, or B communities.

LilBearSings said...

These were really good "who dunit"s and a whole lot of fun. We're glad we caught them. Sorry others missed them.

KaeLyn said...

I loved both, but especially Recipe for a Killing. So fun!

Anonymous said...

From the ballots:
I'm sorry that more people weren't here to enjoy these 2 cleverly written films!

Anonymous said...

Brandon B. from the ballots:
Very good films! My first time and had a blast.

Anonymous said...

From the ballots:
QUEEN BITCH - I prefer to have the movie have an ending.