Saturday, October 15, 2011

Safe Space

Dear baby gays,
Someday being yourself and being allowed to love whomever you want won’t require having to change the world first. It’s already getting better.

Safe Space (youth shorts) begins at 11:30 at the Dryden Theater. This program is part of our Youth Project Film Series and is free to all under 21.


Stefan said...

This was one of only 2 shorts program where I marked "excellent" for all of them. (Flower City Flicks was another--then again that program only had 3 films).

Great stuff this year.

Woody said...

I really enjoyed this set of shorts. As always I do have a favorite or two that I think stood out above the rest.

Lunchtime was very poignant and touching. It shows the difficulty many LGBT teachers face in trying to balance being available to help the next generation with the real and present danger of being accused of "converting". Very strong message for such a short span of time.

By far the best of the series though was The Maiden and the Princess. It was funny and fanciful, but really addressed something tough to touch. I loved how this narrative gives voice to the child. Very often stories are conforming to "protect the child", when really it should be more about what the child wants.