Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Endings (shorts)

At 9:15 in Little Theater 1 is Happy Endings, another great shorts program.

A disapproving father, a horrible nightmare, a bickering couple, a confused bridegroom, a young love triangle, and a few sketchy hookups – all the things you want in a romantic and comic collection of shorts. Just trust us on this one.


Erik and Jason said...

Overall...a very, very fun shorts program. I didn't love every short in the series, but the ones I did really were standouts. "Franswa Sharl" was cute...."Couples Therapy" made me laugh...."Baldguy" was high camp at it's finest.....but "I Don't Want to Go Back Alone" will go probably be remembered as one of my favorite ImageOut shorts ever! (For me, it ranks right up there with "Crush" which some viewers may remember from several years ago.)

Stefan said...

Overall, a great program.

Unfortunately I had a big problem with "Spring". The "hanging" thing got on my nerves so much that had if been a feature film I would have walked out. I can't stand abuse... So, one "bad" vote from me (sorry)

Having said that, however, "Franswa Sharl" was excellent. I see that it won some awards, very well deserved. If I were about 20 years younger I would've probably had a crush on that boy!

Also excellent—"I don't want to go back alone" (The Brazilian one) So sweet. Like Franswa Sharl, this could also have played in the youth shorts. I love how at the end the blind boy thinks he is talking to the girl and the boy Gabriel just thinks "OK, you like me, cool. Here, a kiss from your favorite boy. (smooch) Gotta go now, see ya."

And then there's "Baldguy". Norway, have you been watching too much Glee, lol... Fun, Fun FUN! Great way to end the program. I absolutely loved it. Show that one again!

And now, please excuse me while I kiss this bald guy...

Woody said...

Everyone leaving the theater was singing the song from Skallamann (poorly, since most don't know the language). It was the perfect ending short for the lineup.

I do have to say my favorites were I Don’t Want To Go Back Alone and Franswa Sharl, but all of them were really good. I'm also happy to see a continuation of inclusion of all aspects of our community, including Spring (S&M community), Slow (the non-insta-sex community), and 52 (the "older" community). ;)

I was very happy with the line-up this year, and loved all the shorts programs. This one was probably one of the best sets of the festival though. :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent collection of shorts. Although in "mood", I would say Spring was probably the outlier in this collection-- far darker than the others. But it sticks out in my mind the most as it was the one film that literally had me squirming in my seat. At one point I gasped, and I'm not a gasper. The ending redeemed it, as the young man clearly found something new. And he LIKED it. very amusing.