Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cho Dependent

The latest concert film from everyone's favorite outrageous, queer-loving, Asian-American comedian, Margaret Cho, CHO DEPENDENT is sure to bring down the house tonight at the Dryden Theatre. The film's producer, Lorene Machado will be in attendance and will being taking questions following the film.

Cho Dependent will be preceded by two shorts, paying hilarious homage to bizarro fashionista hipster, Chloë Sevigny: Chloë "Birthdays" and Chloë "Memorial Day".


LilBearSings said...

I loved Chloe. Cho at her best- laughed ourselves to death.

Rick P said...

There aren't enough words to describe how funny this was. Margaret Cho is always consistently funny. She draws out the funniest elements of whatever she talks about. It was also great to see it with an audience.
P.S. - The Chloe shorts before the film rock!

Erik and Jason said...

We were torn when we went through the program selecting films this year---because we love some Cho, but we also thought "Harvest" (playing opposite) looked lovely...but in the end my husband said, "Let's just do the Cho movie because then we at least KNOW we'll laugh...and it's a long day of movies, so a good laugh will be good for us." My husband is a wise, wise man! :) I've heard from friends who saw "Harvest" that it was, indeed, beautiful...but I'm so glad we deciced to see Cho on the big screen with an fun and funny....and the Chloe shorts were a hoot, too!

Anonymous said...

Actually I got a little bored with this one. The stand-up is funny, and gorgeously outrageous, but the singing... meh. Not the 'Pus' song, that was funny and fast paced, but apart form that I thought the other songs were dull.

Loved the filmmaker, and I think she crafted a nice movie here, but Cho's material wasn't a good for me as older stuff ('My name is Gwen, I'm here to waaaaash your vagina')