Saturday, October 8, 2011


A critical and audience favorite around the world (winning awards in Berlin, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Torino), Tomboy hits the Dryden Theater screen at 4pm today. The superb acting from the young stars is reason enough to come see, and the writing and gorgeous cinematography are top notch as well.

Before the feature, enjoy Loop Planes, an endearing American short film about pink hair, rollercoasters, and new feelings.

Program 7 is part of the 2011 Youth Project Film Series of ImageOut.


Jim V. said...

I wasn't expecting to like this film very much, and wound up VERY happy to have seen it. The young actresses playing Laure/Mikael and Jeanne were amazing.

Stefan said...

Absolutely wonderful. The kids are great, just wonderful acting by kids just being kids, that you wonder if they are really acting, you know?

I love it how France tackled this topic...It's not easy.

Laure/, what a great young actress.
And of course, the fact that it's in French makes it even funnier :)