Saturday, October 15, 2011

Loose Cannons- Closing Night Feature

Filled with an eccentric cast of memorably funny characters with their own distinct voices and personalities, openly-gay Ozpetek presents a light-hearted family dramedy in Loose Cannons that is guaranteed to fill the Dryden theater with chuckles and laughter, while mocking stereotypes and dishing out critiques on homophobia and old-fashioned values. Beautifully shot throughout, the film culminates in an impressive marriage of fantasy and reality showing us a glimpse of how things should be. Loose Cannons makes you appreciate family, be it the one you are born into or the one you choose to surround yourself with. And it will definitely make you fall in love with Italy.

Don't forget Viva! the closing party at Village Gate after the film.  Tickets are available for film & party, film only, and party only as well.


Jim V. said...

I don't remember a better closing-night film! Loose Cannons was funny and heartwarming. Kudos to the programming committee for acquiring this film!

Erik and Jason said...

I agree, Jim. I've actually enjoyed many of the closing night films over the years...but this one definitely ranks high on the list.

Woody said...

This was a very clever film, with lots of twists and turns. I really did enjoy the film quite a bit, and suggest others see it. That said, I don't think it was quite the best of the festival, but definitely in the top 5. :)

Stefan said...

This was a great closing night selection.

It did make me fall in love with Italy.

Keep bringing films like this!

Carlos C. of Butler, NJ said...

It was a wonderful movie with different story lines that come together to make the film compelling. Italy as a backdrop, the Italian language, it's beautiful people, cultural customs, beliefs and more don't hurt either. I loved it. Best film I've seen at the festival.