Friday, October 14, 2011


ImageOut is excited to shine a spotlight on writer/director David Lewis (Rock Haven, Redwoods) as he tries his hand at romantic comedy and, in the process, delivers one of the funniest raunchy gay sex comedies in recent years. Complete with offensive wardrobe and eighties-inspired original songs by H.P.Mendoza (Colma: The Musical, Fruit Fly), Lewis also helms a convincing period piece. Kudos to a competent handsome cast led by Jacob Newton and Derek Villanueva who is willing to drop trousers and go full monty. What more can you ask for?

The New York State premiere of Longhorns, one of our Spotlight Features, begins at 10pm at the Cinema Theater. Director David Lewis and lead actor Derek Villanueva will be in attendance.


Stefan said...

Oh god, do I have a crush on Derek Villanueva!

I loved how this movie was highly comical but had a lot of heart as well.

I also loved how the film is very "daring". (Wait a minute, did I just see his...)


Woody said...

A very cute and comical movie. Touched on a lot of key issues, but kept a light feel to it.

Having grown up in a rural setting, I've seen the yahoo mentality and lived through the "it's not gay unless you kiss" type of BS that's spelled out by a character or two. I also was a community organizer in college, and dealt with "closet whores" a lot there too, and so sympathized with Derek's character in that regard. :)

And while the "daring bits" were quite nice, it was one of those things that kind of made the movie less realistic for me. Not to complain, but given the shots I saw, it was pretty apparent we weren't seeing 20 somethings from 1980s Texas. Things back then were a little... different. ;)

Anonymous said...

Not much to redeem this movie in my mind. The situations seemed completely unrealistic, really terribly acted, and production quality was low.