Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wish Me Away

Country Music star Chely Wright's official coming out was very public and very carefully planned. The emotional struggle she experienced before hand was anything but. Longtime fans and new comers alike can see for them selves just how hard those few little words were for Chely to finally say in the award-winning documentary feature Wish Me Away, screening at 4:00 today the the Dryden Theater.

Wish Me Away is part of this year's Queer Crescendo series.

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Christopher R said...

Great film. It is easy to criticize public figures who are closeted, and this doc. did a great job of portraying the struggle between keeping the career one has worked so hard for and being honest and true to oneself and others. I generally hate country music, but I loved Chely Wright, and even liked her music, which seems to have a broader appeal than most country. I congratulate her on this courageous decision & it is clear she will be a huge asset to the LGBT community. I hope the closed-minded people who have shunned her since she came out will open their hearts and minds so that she can resume her career if she so chooses.