Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quick Licks

Day five and still going strong!

Shorts programs are always a favorite and tonight's offerings are sure to please as well. First up at 6:30 in Little Theater 1 is the 2011 "Quick Licks" shorts program featuring more than 100 minutes of entertainment with a total of 9 short films.

A lovely maiden awaiting her one true love, a charming little cafe in Paris, a transcendentalist Ferris Wheel ride, a sexy GPS voice, and a new tattoo...
What more can a girl ask for?

Special guests Christine Chew (Writer/Director), Kathleen Harquail (Producer), Jessy Leak (Producer), and Renita Fillatre (Actor) from the short film Slow Burn will be in attendance for the screening and to take your questions.


Stefan said...

I would have come to see these shorts as well but I had another commitment early in the evening.

Anonymous said...

Poor turn out for some excellent short films.

Cyclicity and The Maiden and the Princess were my favorites, but these were all good.

The Q&A with the Slow Burn ladies was really good, I'm glad ImageOut was able to bring them. They all looked like they were enjoying themselves and it gave a much deeper appreciation of their film. Jessica Wilke is a really good moderator!

Woody said...

I really enjoyed this set. I think the best of the set was The Maiden and the Princess and AWOL. I really wished the short from Sedona had been part of this one, to add to the theme. I think The Fairy Tales would have fit well.

I also really liked No Direction as well, and know lots of people in that position. All the shorts were really good, and I was happy to see a rather populated theater for this program. Most of the women's films get little love. :(

Michael G said...

@Woody - But THE FAIRY TALES is actually gay (the two princes, remember?). If you liked this program, you will definitely like HAPPY ENDINGS on Thursday.

Woody said...

@Michael: Oh, I know... but I think it would have fit with the fairy tale theme. And the story really was more about the women than the men. :)

I get why it was where it was. I just think it would have been fun to have it with this set too. (Similar to how the one from here was tacked into the lineup for the youth shorts. ;)