Friday, October 14, 2011

One Night Stand

Continuing our Queer Crescendo series is One Night Stand, a virtual Broadway reality show where the pressure and the stakes are super high.

The drama and fun of One Night Stand don’t come from just the talent, however. Writers, composers, and choreographers all feel the burn and the rush of excitement of putting together works of art that usually take years to pull off. “From blank page to the live stage, all within 24 hours” – and thank goodness for it all!


Chris Mc. said...

I loved this! It is always great to see the creative processes at work. This movie strikes a perfect balance of telling the story and showing the people involved. It was very entertaining.

Erik and Jason said...

I loved it, too! Some jaw-dropping talent highlighted in this film....and Rachel Dratch's facial expressions alone had me almost peeing my pants! LOL

Stefan said...

Considering how much I did theater when I was younger, I loved this film.

The performances at the end were wildly entertaining. Acting at its best!

Woody said...

I really liked how it was setup, though I do have to wonder a small bit: Lots of the movies this year had gay characters and themes, and were "not gay enough" to the point that ImageOut was the first LGBT festival to screen it. Yet this one, with no LGBT content at all, wasn't given that dubious distinction.

I'm not complaining or saying I didn't like it! I did! It was really a great film, with a strong documentary side and enough comedy thrown in to balance things out. I'm quite happy it was in the line-up, and hope to see more like this. But like this (and Tents), it left me wondering how a documentary about theater (or fashion) snuck into the line up. ;)

Michael G said...

@Woody - The documentary featured high-profile gay actors such as Jesse Tyler Ferguson (MODERN FAMILY) and Cheyenne Jackson (GLEE, 30 ROCK). And the involved other LGBT talents. furthermore, I have two words for you: BROADWAY MUSICAL!