Sunday, October 9, 2011


With a masterful cast, poignant writing, and an immediately identifiable plot, Romeos is taking the festival circuit by storm this year. ImageOut is happy to share the German narrative feature with our audiences at 4pm today at the Little Theater.


Chris Mc. said...

I had not originally planned to see this, but was convinced after seeing the trailer again on opening night. I'm glad I changed my mind, as this movie is my favorite so far this year! It is a compelling story, with strong performances and great production quality.

Jim V. said...

Gotta agree with Chris on this one. Very compelling performance. Rick Okon is very convincing as the protagonist. Definitely an actor to watch for in future films.

LilBearSings said...

We're really glad we saw this film. The story, characters, acting were really great. The scene where the trans-woman broke into song in the bar put a cap on the pain trans people must go through. Understanding others is learning to feel their pain and this film did a good job at it for all the characters.

Rick P said...

This was a fantastic film. When it ended I could've kept watching. I really liked the lead actor. It was a convincing performance and showed a trans person simply trying to live.
This could be my favorite film so far.

Stefan said...

I'm glad I saw this one. It made me aware of some of the things that I as a cisgender male (i.e. born male) take for granted. I just want to let all transgendered people know that I really feel sorry for all that you have to go through.

I can't help but wonder, of all the people I've encountered, how many were transgender.

It's time we give transgendered people the rights they deserve.

Erik and Jason said...

I agree with Chris, too----and I'm thrilled not only to see so many positive reviews on this blog, but how many people were in the theater for a trans film (at a matinee time no less)!

I was so pleased to see not only an FTM film (a trans perspective that I think it's safe to say we have often seen less robustly represented in the media)...but a gay/queer FTM film. More often if we see FTM characters (like in Boys Don't Cry or on the L-Word), their hetero-men-identified trans it was refreshing to see a depiction of some of the complexities of where gender identity and sexual orientation do and do not intersect! *smile* (And I entirely agree with Michael G.'s opening remarks----it definitely was the most sexually fluid film so far this year...and that's a hug plus!)

KaeLyn said...

Ditto on everything Erik & Jason said about appreciation for a gay/queer FTM lead in an ImageOut movie! So grateful to have this movie in the festival and to see such a sizeable audience! I'm sure it was, in part, due to the trailer on opening night and I appreciate ImageOut encouraging people to attend this film.

Rick Okon was amazing in the lead role. Of course, I'm always a little disappointed when cisgender actors are playing trans characters, especially when so much emphasis in the movie is put on the character's urge to "pass." But I also realize there is not a huge pool of trans actors or even cisgender female actors who could play the role of a FTM on T so convincingly. Okon was incredible in the role.

I also loved that this was narrative and a love story. It was refreshing, poignant, and sexy!

Michael G said...

I'm very pleased with the positive comments for ROMEOS and was pleasantly surprised that many people were in attendance. I was afraid no one would show up just based on early ticket sales. Especially rewarding since even when the film received mostly votes of indifference from the programmers, it still got included in the lineup. Rochester audiences, you rock!

Woody said...

I think the main reason this got so many eyes on it was the preview opening night. I was also up in the air about which to see until I saw the trailer.

This so far has been by favorite movie of the festival, hands down. The characters were real, the story was solid, and everything felt just right. As most have said, I could have watched another hour of this story without noticing it. :)

Major kudos to those involved in the film for making such a lovable and true-to-life part of a not so average life available for all to see. And major thanks to ImageOut for bringing this film to Rochester. Hopefully this will be a spring-board for this film to a major publisher so this story can be shared with more people.