Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Last Round (Mi Último Round)

Unique, dramatic, tender, brutal (in the boxing-sense). Each of these words describes My Last Round to a tee. It may be sunny and warm in Rochester today, but such days will return in the near future, we promise. The dazzling array of ImageOut programs may not be around on area theater screens ever again! Join us today for a great day 2.


Chris Mc. said...

I thought this was just so-so. I wanted to like it more, given the basic story line. However the direction and cinematograpy were very amateur. I know this was a poor community, but why does everything have to be so dark and drab? Hardly anyone smiles in this film. There was very little to like about the lead character Octavio, so I was not that sad at the end. Sorry to be so heartless. :)

Woody said...

While the story was touching and very true to life, it ran slow at a few points, and was a bit dreary. It's very indicative of how important communication is among partners, and how when there's little there (as was the case in this film, with more scenes of silence than talking), things don't go well for anyone.

Jim L. said...

After attending the festival for 19 years it is interesting how when a culture or community is telling it's first Queer stories that if a character engages in gay sex that they often pay the ultimate price. It's pretty consistent. Although the story was humorless, their passion seemed real, which was impressive.