Tuesday, January 25, 2011

THE WITNESSES at the Dryden

Screening at the Dryden tonight at 8pm is THE WITNESSES (Les Témoins) by André Téchiné. ImageOut audiences may recall that this French film had its New York State Premiere at our 2007 Film Festival. THE WITNESSES is a compelling drama about promiscuity, friendship, love, loyalty, and betrayal set against the onslaught of the AIDS epidemic in mid-80s Paris. If you missed it in 2007, make sure to catch this rare chance to see the film on the big screen.

Click here for screening information.

HENS & CHICKS ImageOut Award

Becky Lane (director) and Noni Korf-Vidal (editor) proudly show off their ImageOut Award Certificate for sharing the 2010 Best Independent Short Film Audience Award for their film HENS AND CHICKS. They also split the $500 cash prize with another local short film, YOU BELONG WITH ME.

Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 ImageOut Gives Back!

Join us for an afternoon of FREE great movies at the Cinema Theatre this Saturday! ImageOut brings back the best short films from our 2010 Festival lineup (these are your Top 9 vote-getters!) and a favorite feature film, A MARINE STORY, for another round of screenings. The filmmakers gladly agreed to let us offer these screenings for free. It's our way of saying "Thank You!" for your support and for making 2010 a huge success for us. We hope you'll join us again in making 2011 another great year of educating and entertaining through LGBT films.

We are also selling a very limited number of Dreya Weber DVDs (THE GYMNAST and A MARINE STORY) signed by the actress herself. You can get your copy for only $20. A MARINE STORY is not yet available in the DVD market. Sales of these DVDs will help out the indie filmmakers to produce their next film.

See you at the movies!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Black Swan

OK, I have seen this startlingly dark film twice now and it haunts me daily. I really can't think of the right words to describe it beyond...intense. During my first viewing, I think I held my breath during the final 30 minutes. And I seriously needed a nap after it was finished. The second time through was only slightly less intense. I think I will be processing this one for a long time to come.

Who among our tribe has seen this? Any thoughts? Awards predictions?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HOWL on DVD/Bluray

ImageOut 18 Opening Night feature, Howl, is being released on DVD/Bluray today. The film features a very mature performance by James Franco. Unfortunately, the film is overshadowed by Franco's higher profile film and critical darling, 127 Hours, for which he is already guaranteed an Oscar nomination. Oops, I hope I didn't jinx that for him. Ha!