Friday, July 24, 2009


At the preview screening last night, as soon as the words "hot as a stiff c-ck" came out of Meryl Streep's (playing Julia Child) mouth, I knew I would have quite the entertaining evening at the movies. JULIE & JULIA is actually two stories rolled into one as writer/director Nora Ephron intertwines film adaptations of the memoirs of Julia Child ("My Life in France") and Julie Powell ("Julie & Julia") -- both at the time of their lives trying to master the art of French cooking.

The film is funny, entertaining and simply mouth watering. What with the constant parade of delicious-looking fine cuisine! I do not recommend coming to the theater on an empty stomach. Both Streep and Amy Adams (Julie Powell) are captivating on screen. And Meryl, Meryl, my Meryl ... you outdid yourself once again with another fine job at capturing the essence of Julia Child including her familiar manner of speech. I came out of the theater finding myself speaking a tad funny. LOL.

I definitely recommend this film and look out for fave lez actress Jane Lynch in a cameo as Dorothy, Julia Child's sister.
Julie & Julia opens nationwide on August 7.


Bob said...

I was eager to see this movie, and had the opportunity at a pre-screening last evening. What an enjoyable movie! It's light, humorous, offers a unique story (or two) and I think it will be a real audience-pleaser. Meryl Streep, as always, gives a fascinating performance, and I could only think how wonderfully varied her last three roles have been! "Mama Mia", "Doubt" and now "Julie and Julia" each show such a different side of Ms. Streep's acting ability, as she continues to amaze and entertain movie-goers. She has become a national treasure to film buffs.
An added bonus for me was the appearance of Stanley Tucci. I have always admired his work!
Go see "Julie and Julia". You won't be sorry.

Chris Mc. said...

We saw Julie & Julia earlier this week. I echo what Bob said, what a delighful film.