Saturday, January 9, 2010

ImageOut Goes to Berlin!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Programming Co-Chair Michael Gamilla for being invited to (and accepting) a seat on the Teddy Awards jury at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) in February. The Teddy Awards are the GLBT awards for Germany's largest and most prestigious film festival.

Most of us here at home know how dedicated Michael is to ImageOut and the world’s LGBT film community, and this honor is a further testament to just how hard he works to bring the best in international films to Rochester each and every year. And as if the invitation alone weren’t enough, Michael has also learned that he will be the only American on the international jury!

Again, congratulations Michael, and thank you for bringing the world to ImageOut. Now go bring ImageOut to the world!


chuckl said...

Wow! What an honor for our Michael and for ImageOut as well. We know you'll have fun, Michael, but you'll have to be working hard. Get to know those directors and distributors so ImageOut can be first in line for the VERY BEST.
Chuck Lunden

Stefan said...

That is so awesome. Really, really cool. I mean, Michael gets to go, as the only American! That means not even someone from Los Angeles! I mean wow, out of all the people they invite someone from Rochester!!!! Maybe, just maybe, now when I go to Europe I can tell people I'm from Rochester and they'll actually have some idea where it is!!!!!

Now, if I could only find some way to go myself.... ;)

Bob said...

What a terrific honor for our Michael. Getting to be "big stuff" ain't he? Well deserved, Michael...congratulations! Now he'll be working even harder each year in Berlin!