Monday, April 11, 2011

ImageOut at 360|365 GEH Film Festival

April has been a busy month for ImageOut screenings. We just had a successful and well-received set of screenings (Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement, Wild About Harry, Patrik 1.5) at the Pride & Joy Families Conference over the weekend. And we still have one more at the end of the month.

ImageOut is very excited to partner with the 360|365 George Eastman House Film Festival in bringing Tom Tykwer's latest film, THREE (Drei), to Rochester. It was one of the many films I saw in Berlin last February and you must see it! You can buy your tickets here. Tykwer's filmography includes RUN LOLA RUN and, most recently, THE INTERNATIONAL.

** NOTE: THREE (Drei) just won the Lola Awards (German Oscar) for Best Actress (Sophie Rois) and Best Director (Tom Tykwer) on April 8. Below is Tykwer showing off his latest award.

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Stefan said...

I love it when they abbreviate George Eastman House as GEH it almost sounds like GAY :)