Friday, September 16, 2011

'We Were Here' Gets NY Times Seal Of Approval

This year's Documentary Centerpiece, We Were Here, was recently awarded the New York Times Critic's Pick of the week. The emotional documentary received a glowing review from critic Stephen Holden, who summed up the movie's ultimately hopeful message perfectly:

"As grim as some of it's images are, 'We Were Here' is above all a film about love: not romantic love but the kind that really matters, in which people selflessly show up and keep on showing up for one another in the worst of times."

ImageOut's online ticket sales begin tonight at 5:00pm, so make sure you get your ticket to what is sure to be the most powerful film screening at this year's festival. And don't forget that our first in-person ticket sale will also be held this Sunday, September 18th, at the ImageOut office in Village Gate.

For full details on purchasing tickets, visit our website.

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