Friday, December 30, 2011

Advocate: 2011 - Great Year for Trans People

The Advocate lists 14 reasons why 2011 is a great year for trans people. Read the full article here.

Incidentally, 2011 is also a great year for films tackling trans issues and experiences at ImageOut -- from mainstream dramas like GUN HILL ROAD and ROMEOS to cult classics like HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH; from relevant documentaries like PHOTOS OF ANGIE to musicals like Israel's MARY LOU. And let's not forget the obscure French noir thriller QUEEN BITCH. We definitely had a lot to offer this year.

But our pièce de résistance, if you will, is trans actress Harmony Santana gracing us with her gorgeous presence and attended the Festival for four days. She was on hand for the screenings of her two films, GUN HILL ROAD and EATING OUT: THE OPEN WEEKEND.

Miss Santana makes The Advocate's list of reasons at #3.

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