Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Frost/Nixon at Geva

I think it's interesting that FROST/NIXON (the play) is currently being staged at Geva. Perfect timing for the film adaptation to get free publicity here in the Rochester area. I heard it's a good stage production. I'm just a bit of a snob since I saw it in NYC a couple of years ago with the original Broadway cast (Frank Langella and Michael Sheen). So I'll save my money and skip the show. Hehe.

It's a great play but I'm not sure how well it will translate onto the big screen. It's a bit too talky and is perfect for stage. I'd be interested in seeing how that works. I'm sure Langella is just as fabulous as he was in his Tony-winning performance on stage. But of course, I'm rooting for Sean Penn for MILK. It will be an interesting 3-way fight for the Best Actor trophy (including Mickey Rourke for THE WRESTLER).

Watch the MILK trailer here.

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