Monday, December 1, 2008

Montreal etc.

Traveled to Montreal over the Thanksgiving Holiday to attend the last half of Image+Nation, their LGBT Film Festival. Thanks to my good friends Charlie and Katharine for giving me an all-access pass on the fly. They were very accommodating. There were a couple of French films in their lineup that I have not seen anywhere and they were both wonderful! I'll have to see how they hold up for next year's ImageOut planning. But also saw a lot of shorts and a few films that I wanted to see play on the big screen and with an audience. The trip was definitely worth it.

Heard that MILK did really well over the weekend in its limited release. Miami was the only place where it did not do as great compared to SF, LA, and NYC. What were those Southern boys (and belles) thinking? Was it too nice outside? =) Can't wait to see it on Thursday when I sit in for the Rochester press screening.

But first, I'll get to see THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON tomorrow. Just another busy week at the cinema for me.

P.S. Thanks to my good (pinoy) friend Emmanuel for being a fabulous host in Montreal. See you and Rejean soon!

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