Friday, December 5, 2008


If you missed the preview screening of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE last Wednesday, here's another chance for you to see this sure-fire sleeper hit of the season.

Pittsford Plaza
Tuesday, Dec. 9 at 7pm

Limited number of passes are available. Each pass admits TWO people. You need to be there by 6:15pm. The last preview screening was packed and some pass holders were turned away by 6:45pm. A pass does not guarantee admittance.

Stop by OUTLandish at the Village Gate to pick up a pass.

I highly recommend the film.

~ Michael


Jarod Su said...

May I have a pass?

D. Ho-Vah said...

Oh please please may I have a pass?

Michael G said...

Dinah, is that you? Of course you guys can have a pass.

Peter Elliott said...

HI Michael -

Great seeing you last night.

May I have a pass please?

Best always,

Peter Elliott

Michael G said...

Change of plans. Anyone interested in a pass will have to pick them up at OUTLandish at the Village Gate..

Chris Mc. said...

We saw the preview Tuesday evening and thought this was a great movie. It's well worth seeing. -Chris

Michael G said...

Chris, Glad you enjoyed the movie! Always great when we can provide opportunity for advance screenings to our audiences.