Monday, January 19, 2009

Gay Sundance

Although programming for ImageOut 2009 practically started as soon as the 2008 lineup went to print (attending film screenings at the Toronto International Film Festival in Sept and the Montreal LGBT Film Festival in Nov), January officially ushers in the first batch of 2009 titles to consider (and hunt screeners for!). From the lineups of international film festivals like Palm Springs (concluding today, Jan. 19) and Sundance (opened last Thursday, Jan. 15), this is going to be another interesting year for LGBT film lovers.
One of the films I'm most excited about is the feature-length version of the ImageOut 2005 short film favorite DARE by Director Adam Salky. Who could forget that sexy well-lit swimming pool scene? And my heart just skipped a beat when I found out that Zach Gilford (tv's FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) stars as the confused rich boy character, Johnny. Oh my stars! The film premieres at Sundance tonight (Monday, Jan. 19).

Palms Springs landed premieres of some European titles that I've been looking for since early last year including Sweden's PATRIK, AGE 1.5 about a gay couple who requested to adopt an 18-month old baby but ended up with a 15-year old homophobe. Early feedback suggests a heart-warming comedy that is just as charming as last year's BREAKFAST WITH SCOT.

France's BABY LOVE is another gay fatherhood film that will probably be a hit in the LGBT film festival circuit. But fear not as there are other LGBT storylines covered such as the stressful and frantic life of a gay chef in the Spanish comedy CHEF'S SPECIAL and a history lesson on French social activism in the fab epic BORN IN 68 (one of the film's I saw in Montreal last Nov).

Sundance landed premieres of what would probably be mainstream theatrical releases with LGBT themes/sub-themes including I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS with Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor (what's with the hair!), THE INFORMERS based on the novel of the same title by Bret Easton Ellis, and LA MISSION with Benjamin Bratt dealing with his son's secret life. Of course there are other titles that suggest LGBT themes including HUMPDAY about two best buddies who decide to do amateur porn together . . . with each other . . . just to take their competitive natures to the next level. Who knows if it would even be appealing to the LGBT audiences or if it's even gay enough.

In a few days, Berlin will be releasing its own film lineup and I cannot wait. Already announced to premiere at the festival's Panorama section is the new film from Argentine filmmaker Lucía Puenzo, THE FISH CHILD (El Niño Pez), based on her first novel, which will reunite her with young actress Ines Efron (XXY).

So things are looking up. Lots of movies to look out for. Basically there goes my spring and summer social schedule.

Feel free to contact us if you want us to look into any LGBT films that you've heard about. Let's make this another grand year at ImageOut!

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radioman said...

It WILL be another grand year at Imageout!! I'm already looking forward to it, and even moreso now with the little "teaser campaign" you wrote!