Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Global Surprises

I'm not sure what those 80+ obscure foreign correspondents were thinking but it seems like either you have to be foreign, dead or Kate Winslet to win a Golden Globe film award this year. I think this is the year that the GG results will drastically differ from the Oscar choices.

In a year with a tough competitive field for female acting awards, it's hard to imagine Kate Winslet winning both Lead and Supporting categories. Love her and she is due for a major award. But the Kate-lovefest was too too much last Sunday.

I also love SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE but I did not foresee the recent landslide of awards it has been getting. I still think the Oscar would take a different route. Is this going to be another SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE?

Hooray for Mickey Rourke! Sean Penn is still #1 in my list but Rourke's win is a welcome surprise. By the way, all the actors in Rourke's category were Americans. I'm sure it would have gone to someone British if there was one among the nominees.

Can't wait for the SAG awards and the Oscar nominations!

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