Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Oscars Day!!


We'd love to hear them!

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Stefan said...

I'm glad that The hurt locker won the best picture and the first time best director goes to a woman. Well, now you know why I never mess with women! ;

Just a few wtf moments: Cinematography award to Avatar? really? But hey, at least it didn't get best picture.

And some of those women can use a bit more gel in their hair. Some of them looked like they had hair strands going all over the place!
And some of the men...a ya yaaaaie!!! Jake Gyllenhall was well groomed when I saw him on "the red carpet." Christopher Plummer has aged, (of course), but he seems to have aged well.

Also, someone needs to do something about men's fashion soon. It's not fair to us guys! I mean, women have so many choices in types of dresses, and colors, etc. But the guys all look the same!!!! Seriously! Can't we have some guys in white shirts and some in other colors? Or....something!!!!!

And the speeches? Mostly good, but some were a little sappy. And honestly, I think for the minor awards (art direction, makeup, etc.) you really don't need to say more than a thank you. Just my opinion. I mean hearing some of them say "I think I'm gonna cry" just makes me want to roll my eyes. For a 20-something cutie-patootie winning best actor, I could understand. But for winning best visual effects, come on... Just my thoughts. Sorry if I sound like a cynical inglorious bastard. ;)

Anyway, it was fun.