Monday, February 22, 2010

RPDR Week Four!

Last week, episode 3 set-up a challenge right up our hometown gal's alley and Pandora Boxx did NOT disappoint! In my humble opinion, she should have won the Disco extra-greasy Shortening Commercial challenge. Tyra's baby was mildly amusing, but Pandora's Auntee was hilarious! And what is up with Santino Rice calling Ms. Boxx's country outfit "pedestrian?" I thought it was adorable and unique.

After catching the episode 4 preview over at Logo's website, I think this week's "Snatch Game" offers another good opportunity for Pandora to shine. The contestants are asked to present their best celebrity impersonations. Pandora has given us so many spot-on performances right here in Rochester; Madonna, Brittney, and of course Kathy Griffin. Who will she take on this time?

And don't forget the weekly official Rochester viewing party at Tilt! Doors open at 8.


Adam said...

I'm finally caught up on all this season's episodes, and so far it's been so frustrating to watch!

Pandora is consistently in the top no matter what the challenge is: doll decorating, acting, earning tips, impersonation (her Carol Channing last week was HYSTERICAL - "Scurvy!") but she never wins because her runway fashions aren't as over the top as her competitors.

She needs to win a challenge already because every week she's been killing it. Rupaul just needs to recognize!

Michael G said...

I watched the two episodes I missed while I was in Berlin and glad that Pandora has been getting more attention and is not just a middle-of-the-pack competitor anymore. I agree that she should have won the last two challenges. But she keeps getting dinged for her runway presentation. I do agree that her styling and presentation could use some help especially next to some of the contestants. And I hope to see that happen in future episodes! But she was definitely better than Tatiana last week and her Carol Channing was spot on!