Saturday, February 20, 2010

Seen any good movies lately?

Being released in February usually means it will rank fairly low on the award-quality-meter, so Shutter Island is not being touted as a shoo-in for an Oscar or Golden Globe in 2011. However, I caught Director-extraordinaire Martin Scorsese's latest last night at The Little and was pleasantly surprised. I am often torn when going to see movies based on books; to read first or watch first is the question. this time I watched first and I am glad I did. Good twists and turns and a nice set-up to a "what's really going on here" type of feeling throughout most of the film. I even woke up this morning thinking about the very last minutes of the film.

My only complaint about my evening is the four fellow movie-goers behind me who talked through the entire film! Boy I hate that!

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Michael G said...

The film had it's World Premiere while I was in Berlin. Did see Scorsese and DiCaprio during the Press Conference. But my schedule was too busy to even check the film out. I guess I'll have to see it here in Rochester. =)