Sunday, February 14, 2010

RPDR episode 2

Amen sisters!

Our hometown heroine, Pandora Boxx, won this week's first challenge, and rightfully so! Shafreeforal was definitely starbooty-licious.

Once again, Ms. Boxx managed to hover somewhere in the middle of the crowd during the episode's main challenge, but did get a bit more screen-time as the captain of her very own burlesque troupe. The team did finish last, but Pandora shook her money-maker (and a few cherry-pie coupons) to rise above the rest of her team. Her mad pole-dancing skills didn't hurt either!

On the final runway, Pandora shined, even if the judges didn't recognize. I thought her dress was unique and stood out way more than the other black cocktail dresses and other hot messes amongst the competitors.

Oh my, how could I forget? DITA VON TEESE was this week's guest judge!

Next week's challenge makes some pretty big promises for Rochester fans. Pandora has a chance to show off her amazing comedy acting chops. Let's hope Miss Thang delivers!

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