Tuesday, February 9, 2010

RPDR Episode 1

Yes, yes, it’s a week late, but better late than never!

Last Monday, Rochester (and the world) got our first glimpse of local drag superstardom when Miss Pandora Boxx crashed through dressing room door of Season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race with a triumphant and unforgettable “Hello fake ladies!”. Seriously, our girl P was the only contestant in those first few minutes who made a lasting, and non-annoying, impression. I am pretty biased though, I must admit.

Throughout Pandora and Michael’s entertainment careers, two attributes have always stuck out for me; an amazingly relevant and clever sense of humor, and intelligence. So far on the Logo show, both are talents are quite obvious, but I think there may be more of the later going on than meets the eye. In both episodes, Pandora has floated somewhere in the middle of the competition. I think this is deliberate. Miss P is just waiting to pounce! And when she does, it will be fan-*&%$#^@-tabulous!

Episode 1 highlights: Pandora’s entrance, Michael’s facial expressions in the workroom, and P-Bo’s spot-on Kathy Griffin!

I'll wait a day or two to post an episode 2 recap just in case any of you have yet to catch it, but I promise I won't too long!


Michael G said...

Let's hope that our dear Pandora is indeed deliberately trying to not make too much of a splash in the first few episodes. I felt that since her fierce entrance, she has sort of retreated to the background. I think she definitely needs to make a stronger presentation. Other viewers who do not know her like we do here in Rochester aren't getting impressed. So she needs to sparkle more! I'm a little frustrated, to be honest, that she doesn't even get much camera time in the UNTUCKED sessions that follow the regular episodes. Anyway, I'll be missing the next couple of episodes so I'm hoping that she will still be in the competition when I return.

Jessica said...

Editing in this show (and shows like it) make it very easy to guess who is in the top and bottom each week.

Maybe Pandora should start slapping people. I bet that would get screen time!

Michael G said...

Take Jujubee for example -- girl does not get into the ugliness and cattiness but still manages to get a lot of camera time. Haha.

オテモヤン said...