Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ticked-Off Trannies!

There has never been a film I so wanted to book for the film festival without even seeing a single scene than TICKED-OFF TRANNIES WITH KNIVES. But who wouldn't with a title like that? I remember that cold March day when I checked out the Tribeca Film Festival website following the announcement of its lineup. I immediately fell in love ... and the film got me at "Ticked!" After watching the trailer, I was even more convinced that this film is a must-select for our October lineup.

That was more than a month ago.

Just days after the Tribeca announcement, a Facebook page was already launched condemning the selection of TOTWK for Robert De Niro's pet film festival project. All the hateful messages and protests followed soon after. Suddenly, the previously unknown indie cult-ish film is thrust under the heat of the media spotlight. Is it exploitative? Unrepresentative of transgendered women and their true struggles? Offensive? I honestly could not say since I have not seen the film yet. And at the time, I was also wondering whether the loudest screamers had seen the film themselves. After all, it hasn't been shown anywhere. I, of course, am willing to give the film the benefit of the doubt.

But since its premiere at Tribeca, the critics have not changed their negative position on the violent and exploitative nature of the film ... and they seem to be gaining in number. Q Cinema, the Fort Worth LGBT Film Festival, is now getting its share of flak after announcing that it will be screening TOTWK as well. I can't wait what the big spring and summer LGBT film festivals (NYC, LA, SF) are going to do with the film. I'm still very intrigued. Too intrigued, even. I cannot wait to see it myself. But the bigger question is: Will the film ever come to Rochester?

Stay tuned.

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