Saturday, May 1, 2010

ImageOut, Exposed!

Thanks to the marketing effort of the people behind the film, JUST SAY LOVE (ImageOut 17), the Festival is enjoying some free international publicity. The poster for the film, which is featured in the May issue of The Advocate, proudly boasts of the film's selection at last year's ImageOut Film Festival and even thoughtfully quoted positive comments from my program writeup.


Stefan said...

Finally! ImageOut is starting to get the recognition it deserves!

(Through gritted teeth) It's about time... :)

No but I see so many DVD's that say "official selection" or "audience award" blah blah blah and I often want to scream "YOU FORGOT IMAGEOUT! DO WE NOT COUNT?" You know, we've suffered from "little old Rochester syndrome"

Congratulations Michael and ImageOut board. We finally have arrived!

Stefan said...

Well, I guess this blog has been dormant lately but I'm sure it'll pick up again soon! :)