Thursday, September 25, 2008

More guests announced

Aside from the MULLIGANS boys, more guests have been announced at our website. And we will continue to keep you posted on any guest updates as we receive confirmation.

I'm actually very excited to meet Jay McCaroll from ELEVEN MINUTES. In most cases, I have already met the guests I invite to Rochester when I travel to other festivals. But I have missed Jay in other festivals. I hope he is as fun and bitchy in person. I can probably just talk to him forever and be catty. Do you know that it is his birthday on Saturday, Oct. 11? I should probably have a cupcake with a candle for him at the end of the screening. Anyone wants to bake a cake? =)

I'm still amazed at the number of GAY people here in Rochester who do not know Jay or watch Project Runway. Actually, that explains a lot. Oh snap!

Anyway, going back to Charlie and Derek from MULLIGANS, they are very excited to come to Rochester. And I promise to bring them to the theater early so you guys can mingle with them even before the film starts -- especially good for people who can't stay out too late on a Sunday night. Charlie is a sweetheart so you will all enjoy him. So bring your DANTE'S COVE dvds to get signed!

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