Monday, September 29, 2008

Mingling with VIPs

One of my FAVORITE parts of the festival is attending a screening with special guests. It is always a treat to meet filmmakers and performers of all kinds, but watching THEIR film with THEM is even better than a simple meet and greet. Even though I have seen almost every film in this year's lineup during our selection process, I am jumping at the chance to see Sex Positive and To Each Her Own with our guests.

Richard Berkowitz (the subject of Sex Positive) is a fascinating and inspiring man and an admirable activist. I can't wait to ask him questions about the public appearances he made along side leaders of the religious right without taking a swing!

I became a friend of director Heather Tobin's Myspace page as soon as we had her film (To Each Her Own) booked. I am a big fan of this movie for its honesty and Tobin's ability to confront difficult situations and the complexities of life, love, and personal identity. It will be exciting to talk to her about it all. I also hear a few of the lead actresses may be in attendance as well. I wonder which ones?

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