Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2009 Online Ticket Sales ...

... begin tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 5pm. Make sure to get your tickets early as some of the shows are going to be hot items based on our Festival Fair ticket sales and advance orders from members and volunteers.

I'm excited to see what film will sell out first! All I know is that the Opening Night films are both amazing. And our party at Eros will be a lot of fun. So make sure to grab tickets for those right away.

There are tons of great choices in this year's lineup -- there's truly something for everyone! I'm just afraid some of the really good films will get lost in the mix. So feel free to message us if you have any questions. This is also the year of some of the best documentaries. So make sure you include a few docs in your selection.

One of the highlights of this lineup is our Closing Night film. It's a touching and funny story. And definitely go for the film+party ticket! Our new venue at Tribeca is going to rock this year.

So tell your friends about the festival and make sure to get your tickets early! Check our newly revamped website at www.imageout.org.

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