Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ImageOut Website is Now Online!

The ImageOut website is now live with our 2009 lineup and I love our new sleek look! Kudos to our Publications team especially to Matt DeTurck and Eryn Yates who spearheaded the "face lift" and had the patience to work through my "ginormous and gargantuan" list of edits and changes. =) You guys rock!

Last night, we had a great turn out for our Festival Fair and our loyal audiences lined up to get their 2009 tickets. Already proving to be hot sellers are EATING OUT: ALL YOU CAN EAT, our Spotlight Feature MAKE THE YULETIDE GAY, our Opening Night films AND THEN CAME LOLA and THE BIG GAY MUSICAL, and our Closing Night film PATRIK, AGE 1.5. Unless you are one of our generous members and donors, ImageOut tickets won't be available for purchase again until Sept. 16 when our online sales begin.

It was also fun to do our little trailer project last night, taking pictures of willing "victims." I hope you all make the final cut. We'll have to wait and see. Thanks Matt for your hard work behind the camera.

Finally, I love it when people have different (and polarizing) reactions to the films we've shown. Use the comments section to share your thoughts. =)

As always, encourage your friends to check out the ImageOut Website and do check back every now and then as we add more details such as confirmed special guests. I'll see you all very soon!


Stefan said...

I thought Fruit Fly was alright. I thought overall it's kind of a "yawny" film but I *loved* some of the songs like "fag hag" and "we have so much in common". So overall I give it a B-.

Now I liked Dream boy a lot except I thought the ending was really weird and not really explained well. But, I really think this a good movie to show people the dangers of homophobia and heterosexism. I don't think I need to tell y'all about how many lgbqqit individuals have died because of all the crap in our society. I just found out I have the book at home (yeah, now I think I have to read it to compare). And I hope the movie will come out on DVD with closed-captions so I can finally understand some of the dialogue that I missed 'cause I don't hear well...OK, I give this film an A-.

Michael G said...

Thanks for sharing Stefan. I was just talking to someone else who loved FRUIT FLY. But thought DREAM BOY was just okay.

Of course there are those who just loved both films and again those who didn't like either one. It's always interesting to hear what others say.

Still, some people just complain about the lack of warning (re: violence). But these are the same people who don't read our program descriptions. =)

radioman said...

I enjoyed the opportunity of attending the festival event last week. It's a nicely organized evening, and those who missed it, missed a lot of work on the part of some dedicated ImageOut volunteers.

I just received my tickets in today's mail! Everything was perfect and..."as ordered". Having the tickets in our hot little hands makes us realize that the festival is right around the corner. Jesse and I are seeing 21 films this year. I think I'll need to buy a butt cushion for this movie load!

If you haven't taken the time to peruse the festival book yet and decide on your hurry.

Looks like a wonderful assortment of terrific movies this year, thanks to the dedicated and hard-working program folks.

Michael G said...

Thanks Radioman. We aim to please. =)