Friday, November 13, 2009


Well if you have three hours to spare (oh lordy!) this weekend, go see The Lipstick Massacre, a riotous new mystery play from the wicked mind of Michael Steck a.k.a. Pandora Boxx (one of our regular Flower City Flicks contributors) having its last weekend run at the Multi-use Community Cultural Center (MuCCC) at 142 Atlantic Ave. The Friday and Saturday shows start at 8pm. I've only heard very positive and enthusiastic recommendations from friends who have seen it. So I'm very excited to see what the fuss is about myself on Saturday.

Then there's Miss Gay Rochester on Sunday. It's going to be a busy weekend!


Woody said...

I saw it the first weekend and loved it. It really was nice, and I heard a couple of the shows sold out, which is great for a play that only got 4 showings. :)

Michael G said...

I did see it Woody and a lot of people are really raving about it. I liked it but probably not nearly as much as most people did. Probably because I had set high expectations?

But it was a grand effort from David Henderson (director) and Michael Steck ... and of course, the rest of the cast. I hope to see more original works from our GLBT community in the future.

They are doing CLOSER at MuCCC next time. Would love to check that one out although I saw it with the late Natasha Richardson on Broadway a few years ago. =)