Monday, November 23, 2009

THE WOLF'S MOUTH wins in Turin

Italy's own Pietro Marcello won the top prize at the recently concluded 27th Torino Film Festival with his docudrama, La bocca del lupo (The Wolf's Mouth). Aside from the fact that this is the first time an Italian is taking home the festival's big award, it is also interesting to note that Marcello's film is a daring love story about two male ex-cons. Wow. This is the second Italian mainstream festival which gave its top prize to a gay-themed film this year, following Sweden's Brotherhood win in Rome. Now I know why I love those Italians. And it's not just for the clothes.

My best bet to see this film will probably be in Berlin. But I'm emailing my friend Davide right now just in case (he's a programmer for the festival).

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