Wednesday, December 2, 2009

360|365 Festival Job Postings

Here's another reason why I truly APPRECIATE and LOVE our ImageOut volunteers. The 360|365 Film Festival (formerly High Falls FF) has these job postings on their website. These are positions and functions handled by our volunteers gratis at ImageOut! And we all do a marvelous job nonetheless.

Anyway, the good thing is there are jobs available in Rochester! So if you are looking for one, definitely check them out.

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Stefan said... let me get this crooked...

People who work at the 360|365 actually get paid?

Are they like, a "professional" film festival and ImageOut is not?

Maybe they just have more money. Or.....whatever...

Anyway, I plan to check out that festival in May. I'm sure they'll bring some great films.

But I can't help but "shake head and chuckle" when I think ImageOut volunteers do for no pay and Rochester's "other film festival" has paid positions.

Don't get me wrong, it's great if they can do that considering so many people need a job, etc. it's just know, like I said, I feel like "somebody" (no one in particular) is saying "you work for ImageOut you're doing 'community theater', you work for 360|365, you'll be a 'professional actor', so we'll pay you."

I mean, that's not really true of course Its really bullshit you get it?

Just my thoughts,