Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Golden Globe Awards Nominations

Oh those quirky Foreign Press People are back with their 2010 nominations. Was there too much love for Sandra Bullock? Or Meryl Streep for that matter? Where are Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) and Soairse Ronan (The Lovely Bones) in the list? Happy to see all the love that Glee and its cast got, particularly for Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester). But what about showing appreciation for the great work of Eric Stonestreet (Cam) in Modern Family? The guy could practically just walk across the room and I'll be LMAOTF. Puhleeze ... Cam and Mitchell make for the best gay couple on TV in a very long time. Discuss. So did any of your favorites miss the Golden Globe cut? And does it really matter? Check out the complete list of nominations here.


Bob said...

a little voice inside me does agree with your last sentence somewhat...does it really matter?
I was surprised at how many movies are on their list that haven't even been released yet! Several!
I am also discouraged this year, that in spite of all the movies I have managed to see, there are more than usual that I haven't seen. I passed up Hurt Locker because I'm not fond of war movies, but obviously missed a great film. Same train of thought with Ingourious Basterds. Maybe there'll still be a chance somewhere along the line.

Yes! what's all the love for Sandra Bullock! She's had one terrific year! It's amazing how BLIND SIDE keeps raking in the dough!

Looking at the list makes you realize that there are some much-heralded films yet to see.... NINE,
IT'S CRAZY...lots to look forward to!

radioman said...

Yes...Cam and Mitchell on MODERN FAMILY have brought me much joy this season. I am sad that Wednesday nights at 9 won't be the same for awhile. Those two humorous homosexuals are the best part of this new show, which has breathed new life into the term "sitcom". If you haven't become a fan, perhaps the aired episodes can be found online somewhere?

It's also good to see a program like GLEE generating such buzz. An unlikely show to become so popular in this day and age, but wonderful! I'm also happy to see a huge audience discover the terrific talents of Jane Lynch, who has done so much marvelous work for decades.

Michael G said...

I'm so glad I caught both THE HURT LOCKER and INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS at Movies 10. They both came out at the height of ImageOut madness. They were both terrific. And I was surprised at how much I love BASTERDS. Christoph Waltz is definitely one of the best acting jobs this year. I hope he goes on to win the Oscar. There will be many nights and days spent in the theater in my immediate future. I love this time of the year when all the great films are out and vying for people's attention ... and awards consideration. And it all starts this weekend with AVATAR.

Michael G said...

The two best new shows of the year are MODERN FAMILY and GLEE. And it sucks that they are scheduled against each other. But maybe MODERN FAMILY might be appreciated by more when GLEE moves to another timeslot next year. Tuesday I heard? But I hope the move doesn't affect it negatively. TV executives are crazy and always make the most stupid moves.

Cam and Mitchell -- they bring me endless joy. And they are so quotable! I wish they were my friends so I can just call them and be laughing all the time. =)

Stefan said...

I found out that actress Jane Lynch, the one who plays Sue Sylvester ("the bitch") in Glee has been nominated for a Golden Globe award. (There are also other nominations for that show but I can't remember what they are.)

And you know what else I found out? That actress is also featured in a film that was in ImageOut '08 called Tru Loved. That film will be out on DVD in January.

And the first season of Glee is supposed to come to DVD later this month if anyone's interested.

Bob said...

Stefan, if you like watching Jane Lynch, and you haven't seen
BEST IN SHOW, you must rent it!! Not only is it one my absolute favorite movies (Christopher Guest has made so many goodies) but Jane Lynch, as her strong lesbian character in that movie, is just a hoot...as is the gay couple in that film. It's all abot the dog show world, and it's hilarious.

On the topic of MODERN FAMILY, I agree that the show was probably hurt by GLEE. I have talked with very few people who seem to have bothered to watch it, but those who have...love it! If they do move GLEE next season, maybe FAMILY
will be discovered by more people who will be able to giggle for a half hour each week at Cam and Mitchell and their little adopted Vietnamese baby Lily. It's such fun.