Thursday, December 3, 2009

National Board of Review Winners

Can you believe it's film awards season already? The National Board of Review, a not-for-profit organization of "a selective group of knowledgeable film enthusiasts, academics, film professionals, and students," just announced their choices for this year's Best Film, Actor, Actress, Director, etc with the George Clooney film Up in the Air winning the top prize. Along with the film winners in the different categories, the group also lists their Top 10 films. The NBR is usually the first critics' group announcing their choices.

Click here for a complete list of winners.


Michael G said...

It's just frustrating that many of the films that will be chosen by critics in the next few weeks are films that we won't get to see in Rochester until later in the year, if not January or so. A lot of films do the obligatory limited release theatrical screenings so they can qualify for the awards. We in Rochester are part of the nationwide release schedule.

Bob said...

Seeing the list of films makes me have renewed intentions of making sure I get to The Little and see A SERIOUS MAN and AN EDUCATION before they are gone. I was going to get there last week, but kept putting it off. Seeing the list also makes me regret having not caught THE COVE, which I don't think ever made it to Rochester.
I read about it, and how terrific it was.

Am looking forward to INVICTUS, which looks destined to be another Clint Eastwood directorial triumph.

As a movie buff, I always like this time of the year...some good things are coming our way.

Bob said...

We made it a point to see UP IN THE AIR last night while in Toronto, knowing I might not get to see it in Rochester that soon.

It was very of those films you just like to sit back and let it unfold in front of you. It was humorous, but more drama than humor, and one of those rare movies that is very relevant and current, as George Clooney's character travels the country firing people for companies that don't want to do it themselves.

I would not recommend anyone see it who has recently lost their job...could be unpleasant.

As for the National Board of Review's pick as best movie?
Not in my opnion, no. Best actor?
No again, although Clooney did a great job. But...a very entertaining film nonetheless.