Sunday, October 7, 2012

Program 13: The Invisible Men

This eye-opening documentary gives us a glimpse into an otherwise unseen aspect of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, through the eyes of gay Palestinian men living illegally in Tel Aviv.


Opinion8r said...

A "count your blessings" kind of documentary, and a call to awareness of how difficult life is for gay people in other cultures. Your heart goes out to the people ultimately effected by those "dry" policies such as immigration and foreign aid we hear bantered about in the news. Very interesting and well worth the 2 hours.


This was my first time attending imageout i an glad i could start my experience with movie. It was phenomenal to me. As a black non-hetersexual man who struggled to hide his sexuality until i was on my own i felt inspired snd humbled by this film. I would love to find more movies that are similar to this one. It was worth the enter 2 hours.