Saturday, October 6, 2012

Program 6: The Falls

The Falls is a powerful and thoughtful look into the world of young men trying to be true to themselves, while reconciling their sexuality with their Mormon religion.


Opinion8r said...

Twenty year old, good looking, well-scrubbed Mormons exploring their forbidden sexuality. What's NOT to like? Although the movie felt slow to begin, it was well worth the wait as the build up resulted in an explosively erotic kissing scene (yes, kissing is all we got, but it was enough). Well done, although I felt the scene towards the end with the one boy chastising his church elder and church policy felt "staged" and a little beyond the character so far portrayed. Andrew Sullivan could have pulled off that commentary, not so much this young man.

Woody said...

While I enjoy character development, the beginning of this movie was just a hair on the drawn out side. Over all it was a good view on things, but went from painfully slow to screaming off the cliff, making the whole thing feel a little poorly timed. Still, quite a cute movie, and I'm glad I went to see it. :)

Chris Mc. said...

I liked "The Falls" but didn't love it. After one has seen "Latter Days" any other movie with Mormon missionaries has a lot to be compared with.

I hated the short that preceded it. It was violent and pointless. The audio was terrible, hard to hear the dialog. This short should not have been paired with this feature film. They completely did not belong together. This short would have been appropriate as part of an ImageOut There shorts program, or paired with a feature of a similar temperment.