Sunday, October 7, 2012

Program 17: Petunia

With super quirky, yet highly relatable characters, great performances, and hilariously unpredictable twists and turns, this comedy about one big, crazy family is sure to be an ImageOut hit! The film's director, Ash Christian, will be in attendance for a q&a after the film.


Chris Mc. said...

What a great movie! The writing was brilliant. I loved this crazy family.
My only complaint (a small one) is that the picture (brightness)seemed pretty dark.

Opinion8r said...

Edit. Edit edit edit. At least half an hour too long. This movie had some bright spots, but so many scenes appeared driven by a one-liner without contribution to the overall narrative theme. Even movies that are "madcap humor" in nature need to reign that in to an overall theme, or they become confusing and tedious.

Woody said...

I enjoyed this, but did find that it stagnated a couple times. The characters were all caricatures of often played themes, and at times are so far off as to make one question their motives. I found myself wondering "Why would she get married in the first place?" more than once, for example.

Overall though, it was funny and enjoyable. Well worth seeing for those looking for a light comedy.