Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE on Logo tonight!

TV and DVR Alert! The BBC gay camp comedy BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE finally premieres in the US tonight at 10:30 pm via Logo.

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, based on the best-selling childhood memoirs of
Barneys Creative Director and window-dresser Simon Doonan, is the BBC Two six-part series starring an effeminate 13-year-old schoolboy desperate to whitewash his homely – yet offbeat – family and live with the “beautiful people” of London.

I highly recommend this fabulous and entertaining series. Hello! It's full of show tunes and entertaining characters! If you loved ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS then this show is a MUST! And it was written by Jonathan Harvey who also wrote the now-classic 1996 gay flick BEAUTIFUL THING. I cannot wait!

Let's just hope that Logo does not edit the episodes carelessly. And does not bleep out too much!


Chris Mc. said...

I didn't get a chance to watch it, but everyone should check out this clip from Youtube. It's very cute.

Michael G said...

Fabulous show! Finally got to see what I recorded on my DVR. Can't wait for the second episode. Chris, I think the scene you linked on YouTube above is from the episode this week.