Monday, May 11, 2009

High Falls Film Festival

Just a quick reminder for folks who love their movies that the Rochester High Falls International Film Festival (RHFIFF) premieres this Wednesday. I just picked up my All-Access Pass (thanks Rosie and Ruth, and very cool and convenient new box office location at Spot Coffee) and I'm very excited to see non-GLBT films for a change! I have been buried under DVD screeners for ImageOut in the last couple of months that High Falls would be a break. LOL

Indeed there's not a whole lot of GLBT-themed films at High Falls this year. But then again, that's our job here at ImageOut. Ha! But I'm definitely seeing Shorts Program #1 on Wednesday at 9:15pm. It includes WAITING FOR YVETTE starring Wendy Malick (TV's JUST SHOOT ME) as a pre-op transexual who just might be having second thoughts about the final step in her tranformation. Sounds like fun!

Unfortunately, I'll be away this weekend so I can only be around for the first couple of days of the festival. But I will keep you posted on what I end up seeing. Or maybe I'll see you at the theaters?

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