Monday, May 4, 2009


If I'm being honest, I must say I have not really been a good friend of Dorothy's. I have never seen THE WIZARD OF OZ completely until yesterday when I attended the concert screening of the film at the Eastman Theater. Shocking! But it was a perfect way to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the film's theatrical release -- with the musical score played live by wonderful musicians. Now I can finally appreciate all the cult references to the film. LOL.

OMG, Dorothy's friend are indeed very gay especially the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man! (I know, a pathetic reaction from me, yes?) No wonder the Lion gets praises from John Waters.

I also attended the fancy schmanzy live auction / dinner and Oz Gala Reception at the Dryden Theater at George Eastman House after the concert (those Oz-mopolitan cocktails were terrific!). It was a proud moment for long time ImageOut volunteer Bill Thompson (looking stunning in tails and a red vest with Chinoiserie influence) who loaned many items from his OZ and Frank L. Baum vast collections to be displayed at the event. The Dryden also showed the 1910 OZ silent short directed by Frank L. Baum himself. Crazy! And the dinner was just delish. Great to meet a lot of arts & culture and business A-listers from the Rochester community. What could we do to get those people to be ImageOut donors???

Thanks Bill for a wonderful afternoon/evening of OZ memories.

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radioman said...

Good to know that you are, at long last, a good friend of Dorothy!
That sounded like a wonderful event for the if ImageOut can come up with a classy happening like that, maybe all those A-listers would attend! Ideas anyone?? There must be something! Let's all put our heads together!