Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Glee Preview Episode Tonight!

I hope everyone reading this is planning on tuning in to the preview episode of Glee on Fox tonight after American Idol. I have been looking forward to Glee since ads first started popping up for the show several months ago. Produced by Ryan Murphy, the creator of Nip/Tuck, the series follows the group of misfits and theatre geeks who make up the glee club of McKinley High School in Ohio. The cast, which is peppered with Broadway performers like Matthew Morrison (the revival of "South Pacific," the original cast of "Hairspray") and Lea Michelle ("Spring Awakening"), looks amazing and super talented. Out actress Jane Lynch also stars as the rival coach of the school's cheer leading team. Did I mention that it's a musical?

The show looks absolutely fantastic and early reviews have been glowing. FOX is airing the first episode tonight in the hopes of attracting an audience when the series officially premieres in the Fall. Thankfully, FOX seems to be fully on board, giving it as much exposure as possible, so hopefully it will find it's audience and won't become another one-season wonder.

Glee airs tonight on FOX at 9 o'clock following part one of the American Idol season finale.


Michael G said...

LOVED the Pilot episode! It's sooo gay. Looking forward to the regular season.

Stefan said...

I saw that show and loved it. I really like it how they take songs like Journey's Don't stop believing and totally "theatricize" it (I think I made up a word.) I hope it becomes a regular show.

Michael G said...

I believe it is one of Fox's new shows so we'll definitely see it soon. But I hope it gets enough following to be renewed for a second season, or for a full season for that matter . It has been well-reviewed by critics. But apparently, although it did well with the 18-49 age demographics, Fox is a little concerned that the show lost more than half of the audiences from its "American Idol" lead-in.

We need more musical-comedy on TV!