Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Analog to Digital Signal Switch

So what was the big deal? I thought all the non-digital TV sets would just stop working without the $40 converter box. But I didn't really read up on this hoopla since I only have one old TV left in the house and I rarely watch anything on it except something on DVD or (gasp!) video. So I was expecting it to give me some snowy or blank screen when I turned it on the other night. But RNews came on just fine! Hmmm. So it prompted me to find answers. I guess anyone who has cable subscription or anyone who does not depend on a TV antenna for their reception is fine. So must be there are still millions of users of the ole rabbit ears.

I guess it was naive of me to think that everyone has cable. LOL.


radioman said...

correct. Anyone on cable or dish or any of those, doesn't have a problem in the world. (or at least any TV problems) Those with antennas (and apparently there are more of those than you would think)
are the people who needed to deal with this issue. I read that the FCC had a HUGE staff on hand to assist people when they found they had no TV reception on the 16th.
It's hard to believe that people wouldn't be prepared...we've heard about this switch for MONTHS!!

Michael G said...

I could just hear the calls now: "How come Judge Judy isn't on?" or "Why can't I see Jerry Springer?"

Which leads me to another question: Is Jerry Springer still on TV?

radioman said...

You're right! "I can't possibly miss tonight's episode of I'm A Celebrity-Get Me Out Of Here...I've been following it faithfully!

Sadly...OH so sadly...I fear that Jerry Springer is still on. I was at Delta Sonic a few weeks ago to get my car cleaned inside, and there, on the waiting room TV...was Jerry Springer. Just as disgusting, staged, and repulsive as ever.